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Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to Light?

A blonde woman with blue eyes peeks through her fingers while smiling at the camera

When lights hurt your eyes, minor irritation can cause you to squint. More severe cases may urge you to hide under your sunglasses, away from bright places. Light sensitivity symptoms can be debilitating and impact your quality of life if it persists. Blue eyes are more sensitive to light. The light-coloured iris may not protect […]

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Do Contact Lenses Expire?

A woman holding out her palms with a contact lens case in her hands

Whether you have traditional or specialty contact lenses, caring for them is essential for your eye health. Removing, cleaning, and replacing your contact lenses when needed can help prevent potential problems. With the maintenance contacts need, do they ever expire?  Continue reading to learn more about contact lenses, including if they expire and how you […]

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What Happens If You Don’t Treat Dry Eyes?

A man taking off his glasses and rubbing his dry eyes

Dry eyes are a fairly common condition that can cause pain and even vision loss. To reduce friction and keep vision sharp, the eye constantly produces tears. Some people, however, are unable to produce tears normally, or their tears evaporate too quickly. When this happens, it can result in pain and vision problems. Chronic dry […]

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Do I Need an Eye Test for Contact Lenses?

A close-up image of a contact lens sitting on someones index finger, with a Snellen eye chart blurred in the background

Glasses are incredible advancements in medical technology that can correct various vision problems. However, they are not suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. Contact sports or manual jobs requiring eye protection make contact lenses more desirable in many situations. If you’ve never had contact lenses, you’ll need to book a contact lens fitting exam. Even if you’ve […]

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