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Relief for Your Dry Eyes  

Certain conditions like arid climates, poor air quality in the office, extended periods of screen time, and other factors can exacerbate a common condition known as dry eyes. If your eyes crave hydration, we have personalized treatments waiting for you at Toronto Centre Eye Care.

Relief is right around the corner. With treatments tailored to your condition, your eyes can get the comfort they need.

Causes & Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Here are a few things to watch for when it comes to dry eyes. 


When your eyes do not produce and maintain tears properly, it can lead to frequent dry eyes. Some factors may worsen tear film dysfunction and result in increased tear evaporation, like:

Symptoms of dry eye disease may include:

  • Stinging eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Mucus in or around your eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Red eyes
  • Issues when wearing contact lenses
  • Blurred vision
  • Tired eyes

Keep Your Eyes Hydrated & Happy

Treatment options that we recommend will vary depending on the cause of your dry eyes, and they may include prescription eye drops, warm compresses, or eyelid cleaners. In more severe cases, we may suggest blocking your tear ducts, known as punctal plugging

Don’t let dry, irritated eyes impede your life. Call the team at Toronto Centre Eye Care for help. Relief is waiting with a personalized dry eye therapy treatment. 

Our Location

Find Us in Downtown Toronto

Our central location is surrounded by excellent shops and restaurants for you to visit after your eye care appointment.

Where Can I Park?

You’ll find a public parkade connected to our building, right next to Java Joe’s on Dundas Street West.

Our Address

  • 180 Dundas St West, Unit #103
  • Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8

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Why Choose Us?

Medically-Focused & Compassionate Staff

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff guide you through your eye care appointment with kindness. You may feel like you’re the only patient they have.

Advanced High-End Technology

We invest in the latest advanced technologies that allow us to determine the functionality of your eyes accurately.

Fashionable Frames & Sunglasses

We carry high-end, reputable eyewear brands, like Ray-Ban, and Hugo Boss. Our optical staff will happily make recommendations based on your aesthetic, face shape, and personal style.

Brands we carry

High-quality eyewear for every style.

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