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What Happens During a Contact Lens Fitting?

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Before you switch to contacts, it’s important to note that the first step is having a proper contact lens fitting. To provide you with a successful and comfortable experience with your contact lenses, optometrists must take various measurements of your eyes’ curves and surface. 

A contact lens fitting isn’t like a normal comprehensive eye exam. During a contact fitting, your optometrist will inspect the health of your eyes, take measurements of your eyes, and provide a trial pair of contacts to confirm they have the right fit for your eyes. They may make adjustments as needed until the contacts fit properly on your eyes.

At its core, a contact lens fitting is all about finding the right way to bring comfortable vision and easy wearability together. It’s a partnership between you and your eye care team to create a process that is tailored just for you. 

Overview of the Contact Lens Fitting Process 

Whether you’re a seasoned contact lens wearer or just starting out, understanding the fitting process is important for knowing how we get the right fit for your eyes. 

The process typically begins with an eye exam to determine your unique prescription and the overall health of your eyes. From there, your eye care team will take measurements of your eyes and work with you to select the right type of contact lenses for your needs and lifestyle. 

The fitting process includes a trial period to confirm your lenses are comfortable and provide clear vision, and adjustments can be made as needed. By following these steps, you can move forward with contact lenses that support your vision, eye health, and lifestyle.

Types of Contact Lenses Available for Fitting 

When it comes to selecting the right type of contact lenses for your needs, there are several options available. One of the most common types of contact lenses is soft lenses, which are made from flexible plastics and designed to be easy to wear. Another option is gas-permeable lenses, which are designed to allow more oxygen to pass through and can be great for correcting astigmatism.

For those who need multifocal lenses to correct both near and far vision, there are also bifocal and multifocal contacts available for fitting. And if you’re someone who likes to switch up your eye colour every now and then, coloured contact lenses can be a fun option to consider. 

With so many different types of contact lenses available for fitting, it’s important to speak with your eye doctor to determine the right option for you based on your unique needs and preferences.

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Preparation Tips for a Contact Lens Fitting

When it comes to getting a contact lens fitting, preparation is key. Firstly, make sure you haven’t worn your current lenses for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, as this gives your eyes time to adjust to being lens-free. 

It’s also important to bring along any glasses you wear as a backup just in case you are asked to remove your lenses during the fitting process. Additionally, be ready to answer questions about your eye health history and any issues you may have experienced with your previous lenses. 

Remember, a contact lens fitting is a personalized experience, so the more information you can provide, the better. By taking these simple steps, you can be well on your way to a successful contact lens fitting.

How to Put On & Remove Contact Lenses

Putting on and removing contact lenses may seem challenging at first, but with practice, it can become easy and routine. First, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid transferring bacteria to your eyes. Then, gently place the lens on your index finger and use your other hand to hold your eyelid open. Slowly bring the lens toward your eye and blink a few times to allow the lens to settle in. 

Removal can be just as simple. Use your index finger to slide the lens to the white of your eye, then pinch it gently and lift it off with your fingers. Remember to always handle your lenses with care and never share them with others to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

Common Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor During a Contact Lens Fitting

Making the switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses is a big decision, but it can also be an exciting one. A contact lens fitting is your opportunity to ask any and all questions about the types of contact lenses available, proper care and wear, and any concerns you may have about the fitting process. 

Some common questions to consider asking include: 

  • How do you properly insert and remove contact lenses? 
  • How do you know if contact lenses are inside-out? 
  • What should you do if you experience discomfort or dryness while wearing contacts?

 By discussing these topics with your eye care professional, you can gain more confidence and comfort with your new contacts.

The Importance of Regular Follow-Up Appointments after Your Contact Lens Fitting

One of the most important aspects of wearing contact lenses is ensuring you attend your follow-up appointments. These appointments are a vital part of making sure your lenses still fit properly and that your eyes remain healthy. 

During your initial fitting, your optometrist will evaluate the size and shape of your eyes and choose lenses designed to fit comfortably and securely. However, it is important to remember that your needs for contacts can change over time, especially if you have experienced any changes in your eye health or prescription. 

Through your follow-up appointments, your optometrist can detect any potential issues and make necessary adjustments to help your contact lenses remain comfortable and safe for you to wear. So, the next time you schedule your contact lens fitting, be sure to plan ahead and prioritize your follow-up appointments—your eyes will thank you!

It’s Contact Fitting Time!

If you want to experience a smooth contact lens fitting in Toronto that meets your specific needs, look no further than Toronto Centre Eye Care. Our team has experience aiding in the contact lens fitting process with patients from all backgrounds. 

Reach out today or book an appointment online to get started on your journey toward healthy, clear vision with contact lenses.

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